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Here at Sensory Integrated Solutions our team put in the research so you don’t have to, with over 30 year’s expertise in the audio visual field our technicians have carefully selected trusted brands to deliver the very best sensory experience.

With projects covering anything from HD TV Distribution to Home Cinema or right through to full Home Automation and Smart Lighting. Brands such as ARCAM, Control4, HD Anywhere, Monitor Audio and Rako are just a few high end products we can offer.  Such products like ceiling speakers, projection, Control or even just reliable WiFi we understand that performance and reliability are key in your investment.

Our aim is to provide a solution which can continually deliver and do so for many years to come, it is satisfying to know once an installation is complete the customer has had a nice experience and has a real feeling of value for money, sometimes the most expensive isn’t always the best product but we are here to advise you.

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